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AL-X The Great (Alex Brown) is an 22-year-old musician, born in Hong Kong, lived in Japan, and raised in the Pacific Palisades, who currently lives in Santa Barbara.  After attending Cate School in Carpinteria and moving on through his Senior year at University of California Santa Barbara, he continues to create the utmost quality of music.

After the release of Rocketman, AL-X saw his popularity skyrocket with nearly 8 million plays the track has been featured on numerous hip hop blogs and Spotify radio stations.  Following the release, AL-X was able to expand upon his work through the creation of ocean-inspired music filled with strong notes and rhythm.  The consistent effort put into his work is evident in the music he creates.

As he looks to expand in the 2020-2021 year AL-X continues to work on his craft through the release of new music, a project, and events.  With the past year being the largest he’s ever experienced in terms of streaming, he looks to only expand upon this in the coming months.